The Mighty Cerberus Canyon

Where: Death Valley National Park
Partners: DB, Rick Kent & Matthew Holliman

Telescope Peak from the bowels of Cerberus

Hooking up with Rick Kent and Matthew Holliman, it was finally time for the girlfriend and I to do the much anticipated Cerberus Canyon.

With a very short approach (a leisurely hour from the car to the first rappel) and an easy exit (about a 15 minute walk from the last rappel), the canyon never lets up. Ever. Never more than a 5 minute walk to the next rappel or interesting downclimb...for 12 hours.

We stayed in the watercourse for the entire canyon. Perhaps 28 or so rappels and many challenging downclimbs. Quite a beefy canyon. The most physical one I've done in those parts, for sure. Not as pretty as Hades, but a more adventurous canyon.
Matthew preparing to catch CP if he falls!

The anchors were in decent shape, though we got to a particular drop (don't forget how much - 60'?) without an anchor. Hmmmm. Put together a good bollard.

Didn't encounter any 300' raps, though available beta had suggested two. The first big drop was about 270' and the second, a much more impressive one, was about 250'.

Not one single bolt, pin, hex, etc. in the canyon. It was terrific.

A full day. 12 hours for a party of four.
CP on one of several big rappels in the canyon

(Link to Rick's pics)

*Photos courtesy of Rick Kent