Hades Canyon

We were so stoked that the weather had let us romp the previous day that we blew off the 70% forecast and decided to go for Hades Canyon. Doing so, we lost count of the rappels but I'd say we did about 15 or more. Lots of fun downclimbs in the upper canyon, then lots of rappels in the lower.

The approach is somewhat sucky, but once a short distance below the Hades drop-in, the canyon becomes fantastic. Perhaps the best DV canyon I've yet done.

Couple really nice 190-ft vertical raps, then 2 or 3 150 or so foot multi-stage raps. One section, in particular, would have been super great if someone hadn't taken some of the thrill out of it by placing a bolt in an otherwise featureless area. We chose to ignore the bolt and do it the "interesting" way.

All but two of the anchors were in good shape. We re-did the two. Seems an animal had chewed through the webbing...yikes!

Back to the car by 1:55 pm.

(Rick's pics)
*Photos courtesy of Rick Kent