Towne Peak & Dolomite Canyon

The plane crash can be seen at center

Setting up an easy car shuttle on the Big Mine Road (or whatever it's called), me, Rick and Matthew started up Towne Peak at daybreak. From the summit, we dropped down to see the fantastic plane crash up there. A really interesting site.

Dropping into the gully immediately below the crash site, some loose stuff led to two chossy rappels. Below that, a mile of easy wash walking led to a slot-ish area then 5 quick rappels. Nothing longer than 80'. The anchors seemed to be old but reliable enough for us to go for it.

Below the last rappel, a 6 mile slog out to the vehicle. Done early. Party of three.

My assessment of the North Fork of Dolomite Canyon: A beginner canyon with some
charm. Were it not for the longish approach and the longish exit, I'd maybe do it again.
The final rappel

(Rick's pics)
*Photos courtesy of Rick Kent