The Maroon Bells

When: September 2007
Partners: Andy McClure
Route: Bells Traverse (5.2)
Mileage/Gain: 9/4,800

The Maroon Bells

With an absurdly busy summer of 2007 that found me hiking, climbing and otherwise exploring France, Switzerland, the Canadian Rockies, the Washington Cascades, the Tetons and a significant amount of stuff in the Sierra Nevada, I only managed to make it to Colorado for two days around the Labor Day weekend.

Meeting Andy one evening after a climb of Arches National Park's Elephant Butte earlier that day, he and I set out the next morning to traverse the Maroon Bells.
Andy ringing the Bells

With about a 9-hour roundtrip, the traverse was enjoyable and much easier than we'd expected. Staying true to the crest for all but a couple, short portions, the going was easy 5th here and there (and certainly nowhere near as loose as the Zion choss I'm accustomed to!) Not only that, but the route-finding off the summit of Maroon Peak was elementary, with a good trail for 90% of it...contrary to prior reports I've been given.