Torreys Peak, Grays Peak and Kelso Mountain (13,164 feet)

When: August 2006
Partners: Donnie B and the Atlanta boys
Route: Kelso Ridge (Class 3) and traverse
Mileage:Gain 9/4,500

Heading back up toward I-70 from the playground that was Capitol Peak, Donnie B and I met up with the Atlanta boys I'd met for a run up Torrey Peaks semi-classic Kelso Ridge via the Stevens Gulch Trailhead.

Climbing the fun ridge to the summit of Torreys, we dropped down and over to Grays Peak. There, enjoying the summit with at least forty others, we were twice buzzed by low-flying aircraft. Then, just as we were feeling manly for efforts, a young guy with rotting teeth comes running up to the summit. He looks fit, so I ask him how long it took him. He said something like " hour...from I-70." Geesh!

Eventually, we headed back down toward the trailhead. As those who know me well might imagine, I couldn't possibly pass up the opportunity to bag "The Rascal," a funky crag one passes on the Grays Peak Trail.

On the final hike out, I set off alone to bag Kelso Peak, a nice peak in its own right, finishing five days in Colorado in style!