Mescal Mountain

Where: Sedona, Arizona
When: April 2007
Partners: DB
Route: South Face (5.3)

Enjoying a long weekend in Sedona, Arizona, DB and I were looking to climb something one morning but weren't sure what. Taking a gander at Mescal Mountain, we simply parked in the nearest spot we could find and went for it!

With an aesthetic approach through light, low forest, we picked up a spur ridge that offered us easy 5th class scrambling up a face, stepping left to gain a chimney. Above the chimney, we walked left over slabs then climbed a short face that led us toward the top.

The views from the slabby, rounded summit were fine, and on our decent, we took a slightly different route that was perhaps even more interesting, in that it took us by some alcoves that I might dream Indians once slept in.