Capitol Butte (aka Thunder Mountain)

Where: Sedona, Arizona
When: April 2007
Partners: Solo
Route: South Face (Class 4)
Mileage/Gain: 3/1,800

Capitol Butte from below the summit of Wilson Mountain

Capitol Butte used to be known as Thunder Mountain...and I like that better. This is the mountain that Walt Disney, who once lived in Sedona, named his theme park ride after.

Setting out alone early one morning from our Sedona hotel, I drove over to the south side of Capitol Butte to head up this marvelous mountain. Missing the suggested starting point, I picked a line on the south face that looked good, worked through a bit of sketchy class 4 climbing, and soon picked up the easy trail that leads up to the summit.

Making a short call to DB from the top, I told her I'd be right down so that we could go to breakfast. And head right down, I did. One hour 53 minutes, car-to-car. Not bad, I think.