Morning Glory Spire

Where: Sedona, Arizona
When: April 2007 & November 2007
Partners: DB & Walt Hutton (04/07) & Melanie Burnett (11/07)
Route: NW Ridge (Class 4)

CP and DB on the summit

I had the pleasure of climbing this terrific little Sedona spire twice in 2007. The first time was with Walt Hutton, the veteran world explorer, adventurer, and more recently, Sedona temple-bagger. Walt's not only climbed a number of chossy desert classics, but in the process has found untouched Indian cliff dwellings, corn cobs and the like.

Anyway, Walt led DB and I up Morning Glory Spire one afternoon (or was it morning?). Though only 4th class (or perhaps easy 5th in a spot), the route was great fun, nicely exposed, absolutely aesthetic, and the tiny summit block offered far-ranging views of the entire area. A climb to repeat...

And so I did.

In November 2007, I took Melanie Burnett, DB's daughter, on her first climb. Fitting her to DB's harness and tying her into a rope, I led her up this masterpiece of Sedona architecture. With a smile on her face, we soon gained the summit and waved down on DB and her mother watching us from the large sinkhole below us.

Top photo courtesy of Walt Hutton