Crazy Quilt Mesa (Failure, and then, Success)

On a failed attempt, we initially wandered up a slot and tried to climb up it. Things went well through a couple short 5.6ish sections, then we found a loose face (easy 5th class) that we needed other gear for.

Dropping back down and out of the slot, we turned right and then wandered up steep slabs near the feature's southeast corner that allowed access up high. We weren’t able to work past a nasty, exposed ice section near the top that perhaps allowed access to the upper mountain (and summit). We’ll try again in drier conditions.

And so we did.

After the snow had melted, we returned to tackle this bad boy. Approaching from a different spot, having viewed a possible weakness, we climbed easily through an initial short, 5th class pitch that led us to the summit plateau.

Working through a nice network of broken blocks, we roped up again for a climb up a chimney, across a catwalk, and then a final problem through an off-width flake. A large chunk of rock broke off as I moved through the flake, striking me in the knee. Continuing up to flattish terrain, I brought the second up, then we hiked to the top.

A long rest on the top in the shining sun and far-reaching views, it was time to head down...and on to the next peak!