The East Temple

Where: Zion National Park, Utah
When: April 2008
Partners: Aron Ralston

The East Temple from the summit of Mount Spry

Aron and I climbed The East Temple in spring 2008. Originally, I'd intended to put together a detailed trip report for the website and a subsequent route description for my Zion National Park guidebook...but then I had a change of heart.

Instead, I thought I'd offer a couple photos from the day, my remarks that the route was interesting, classic, somewhat long, potentially dangerous and definitely awe-inspiring. The summit was sublime.
Aron ascending while Bridge Mountain looks on

And I thought I'd also mention that the 370-foot rappel I did on the descent was "memorable." The biggest one I've ever done, by a healthy margin (roughly 100 feet).
"Courtney's Plunge" (aka the 370-foot rappel I did on the descent)

Look for the full trip report in my Zion book.