Indecision Peak, Visiting Colonel Markenson

Harlan was so excited, he started running for the mountain!

In a last-minute change of plans, DB and I met up with Harlan, Alda, Steve and Val for a hike up Indecision Peak. I'd not been in a few years and DB had never gone.

Driving over to the First Creek Trailhead, we started down the re-worked trail that would take us to Indecision's east face. Eventually leaving the trail, we headed cross-country through wonderful desert terrain (the flowers were in full bloom and DB was delighted) toward the steep, loose gully that would take us up to the "smooth" cliff high on the face.
Looking north to Mount Wilson

Reaching the top of the gully ahead of the others, DB and I sat down on a flat boulder for a bite to eat. When the others reached us, we learned that Alda had hurt her back and would wait for us while we all continued up.

Continuing on, we rounded the corner and started up a meandering face until we reached the key hidden tunnel that would lead us to the final gully that would take us to the summit area.
Steve, DB and Harlan working up Indecision's steepening terrain

As we scrambled upward, the views got better and better. Much better, actually, than I'd remember from my last visit. As the gully narrowed and became more craggy, the scrambling improved and we found ourselves climbing a short but steep chimney and then traversing a narrow ledge near the top. And around this time, I spotted a herd of perhaps twenty bighorn sheep watching us from a crag above. Juveniles, babies and all.
A large family of bighorn sheep watch us climb

After we all took photos of the sheep, we continued up the remainder of the gully until we could angle right and scramble to the summit. There, we took an extended snack, drink, photo and social break. I took a minute to scramble over to the lesser crag to the north to sign the register for DB and I. There, I even managed to find my old sign-in from my previous visit, back in the day when I used to sign bogus names (now, I use my initials).
Some jerk, obviously a fan of A Few Good Men, signed "Colonel Markenson" back in '04. "You can't handle the truth!!!"

Our descent was without incident. Moving ahead of the others, DB and I soon reached Alda in her spot near the top of the gully. We chatted for a few while the others caught up. From there, we bid farewell and started down while they took a break with Alda.

Thanks for having us along, guys!
Nice views on the descent

*Harlan's pictures