A Few Things Around Calico Basin

Where: Red Rock Canyon, Nevada
When: Fall 2005
Partners: Rick Kent, Mark Beauchamp & a few others
Routes: Badger's Buttress (5.6+), Carrie Fissure (5.8) & a couple others I can't remember

CP finishing up Carrie Fissure (5.8)...in tennis shoes

With Rick Kent in town for a day or two after we'd come back to Las Vegas from playing around in Zion National Park, we decided to hit up a few single-pitch routes in Red Rock one Sunday.
Mark Beauchamp following Badger's Buttress (5.6+)

For awhile there, I'd been the head coordinator of what was proving to be a highly enjoyable Sunday phenomenon - after I'd get my mountain fix on Saturday, a variable group of anywhere from 6-12 people would join me and mine out at Calico Basin for a Sunday of bagging single-pitch routes. This went on for quite a few weeks...
Can't remember the name...

...but then the mountain bug bit me hard enough to insist upon both Saturday and Sunday being reserved for the big hills! So went Calico Basin!

Photos courtesy of Rick Kent