Mount Glory & Some Canoeing on String Lake

Where: Teton Range, Wyoming
When: September 2007

Mount Glory from Taylor Mountain

The night before Walt Hutton and I would meet up for a 2-day climb of the classic CMC route on Mount Moran, he called me and said that his truck had broken down in Idaho. He was going to sleep on the side of the road and then haul the truck to an auto shop first thing in the morning.

Calling me the next morning, Walt said that his alternator had blown and that he wouldn't get to the park until noon. Mount Moran would have to wait for another trip. We made plans to meet at the pass at the base of Mount Glory.

After breakfast, I headed up to the pass for a quick hike up Mount Glory. Following the good, steep trail past wildflowers and expanding views, the summit was tranquil. I returned shortly before Walt's noon arrival.

Walt had rented us a canoe for the paddle to the base of Moran. Since there was no longer time for the mountain, we collected the canoe anyway and paddled around String Lake for a bit. Good times. We talked of something short to do the next day, as I was to be heading for home the next evening.