Left & Right Blarney (North Wash)


Left Blarney

Me, DB, Rick Kent, Mike Cressman and Andy from Colorado set out to tackle the Blarney forks in the North Wash area. With Left Blarney being the more prominent of the two, we started there.
Canyon muck

What we found was a good canyon with no significant challenges, good aesthetics, and plenty of muck.

Right Blarney
More canyon fun!

With Blarney being a complex of short canyons, it is ideal for a final day before a long drive home, so we were eager to drop into the nearby Right Fork and take a look.
Andy going full steam ahead on his first time canyoneering

Like the Left Fork, in the Right Fork we found a not-terribly-difficult canyon that was pretty and fun. Short, we were done early...a couple hours before we were to leave for home.
Mike and Andy peering into the slot

For outdoor enthusiasts, what comes next is a matter of common sense...

*Photos courtesy of Rick Kent