Shillelagh (North Wash)

The Left Fork of Shillelagh

Despite the cool-sounding, fun-to-say name, Shillelagh is the second lamest canyon I've done in the North Wash area. Lucky Charms takes home first prize.
Andy on the 2nd rappel

As the last hurrah in a 9-canyon 3-day weekend in North Wash, me, Rick Kent and Andy from Colorado decided on a whim to bag Right Shillelagh. Getting to its head, it appeared we did not have enough rope with us for the drop-in. Afterall, we'd just come from the Blarneys, where short rappels were the name of the game.

Rather than give up hope, we simply worked over to the head of Shillelagh's longer Left Fork and dropped in. With just a couple rappels at the head, the second of which was better, the canyon was mellow, super easy and barely worth doing.

(But who am I to complain? Beats the heck out of work!)

*Photos courtesy of Rick Kent