Manganese Peak and Stock Ridge

DB and I met up with Harlan Stockman one morning for a go at Manganese Peak. Manganese is just one of many fine, locally-named peaks that dot the vast and desolate landscape of backcountry Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

And while Manganese Peak was an enjoyable hike in a superb setting, while on the summit my eyes were more drawn to an aesthetic choss garden growing out of the desert to the north.

Yes, a collection of loose pinnacles and spires forming a ridge that Harlan and I would decide to traverse, and I'd then dub Stock Ridge.

Dropping over to the base of the ridge from Manganese Peak, we left DB in the saddle while we set out to bag ever spire on the ridge. And they were great!

Fun, exposed scrambling, a touch of route-finding here and there...I think Harlan was done after we'd hit the highpoint. But I had more to get after! And he enthusiastically decided to join me!

And there you have it. Another classic day playing in the desert!

*Photos courtesy of H.W. Stockman