Mount Langley (14,026 feet)

Where: Sierra Nevada, California
When: October 2004
Partners: Larry Reyes
Route: Old Army Pass (Class 2-3)
Mileage/Gain: 22/4,000

Pleasant hiking on the way to the mountain

In October 2004, Larry Reyes and I set out from a car camp at the Cottonwood Lakes Trailhead for a dayhike of Mount Langley. Widely regarded as the 2nd easiest of the California 14ers to "climb," we anticipated an easy and enjoyable day.
Looking down from near Army Pass

Eventually passing by lake #4 and moving on up to Army Pass, Larry announced that he'd had enough for the day. Perhaps the altitude was making him uncomfortable, or perhaps it was the clouds moving in and thickening.
Finally, some scrambling!

Leaving Larry at the pass, I set out alone, angling right as I neared the upper mountain, in an attempt to beef up the otherwise simple route. Doing so, I enjoyed a short bit of class 3-4 scrambling. Above that, the summit...just as the clouds rolled in and obscured any views I might have had.
View from the summit

Returning to Larry, we hiked out leisurely, taking plenty of time to enjoy the lakes and general mood of the landscape.


Photos courtesy of Rick Kent