Who's Ever Heard of Loy Butte?

Loy Butte on the approach

I know I hadn't, but Walt Hutton suggested we do it one morning. Having already successfully climbed about 30 summits around Sedona, Loy Butte was one of another thirty or so Walt hadn't yet gotten to. Why not, let's do it?!?
Partway up

Every seasoned backcountry explorer must one day find himself wandering in the scrub of Sedona. Heralded for its stunning red rocks, folks don't often mention its almost-legendary (well, in some circles) brush and awful rock; rock that does, thankfully, take a distant second to the lousiness of Zion's.
DB descending from just below the summit

Walt once again demonstrated himself to be a man of his word when we found ourselves immersed in thick scrub oak and acacia. Great stuff! But before long, we broke out of it, scaled a couple of cliffbands via convenient weaknesses, and blindly walked right past some Sinagua ruins on the way to the summit.
Sinagua ruins

The summit was sublime. We signed the register, which had only been signed by one prior party, and all-to-soon headed down. Fortunately, we discovered the ruins we'd nearly tripped over before on our way down. Great stuff!

Man, a weekend of ruins! Ruins abound in Sedona!