Wilson Mountain, Sedona's Highest

Where: Sedona, Arizona
When: May 2008
Partners: DB & Harlan Stockman
Route: Wilson Mountain Trail (Class 2)
Elevation/Gain: 11/2,400

The Acropolis (left) from the Wilson Mountain Trail

I've been meaning to get to Wilson Mountain for years. It's the highest around Sedona, and why not?
Nice views from the First Bench on Wilson Mountain

Despite two or three attempts, going as far as driving to the trailhead, donning a pack and walking 50 yards toward the actual trail, only to find it closed for whatever reason. It's never seemed to work out for me.
Harlan spots the footprint of a large predator along the trail

But in May 2008, it all came together. DB, Harlan and I assembled in Sedona for a multi-peak weekend that finale'd with a hike up the highest peak this Red Rock region has to offer.
DB on the very, tippy top

What we found was a beautiful trail system abuzz with wildflowers and scenery. The Wilson Mountain Trail worked its way up to a couple of shelves before dumping one off at a junction of viewpoints just below the actual summit.
The ever-acrobatic HW Stockman

An easy romp up to the top landed us at the base of a cluster of exposed crags with awesome views out to the north, including the San Francisco Peaks and Humphreys Peak.
Harlan and DB descending the beautiful Wilson Mountain Trail

With the prospect of a longish drive home, with much regret we signed the register (placed by John Vitz, of course, in 2006) and headed down.