Alcatraz (aka North Fork of Twin Corral Box)

Where: Robbers Roost, Utah Canyonlands
When: November 2007
Partners: Aron Ralston & Jason Halladay

The sweet initial rappel off a truck axle

It was 4 p.m. and me, Jason, Bill, Aron, Joe and Jeff had just finished up Larry Canyon in the Robbers Roost area of Utah's canyonlands. With an hour and a half of daylight left, I was itching for something else.
With a challenging solo climb out of a dry keeper pothole, I got on rappel for a 30-foot drop from the lip

"Alcatraz, anyone?"

Aron immediately expressed interest. Jason chimed in as well.
CP stemming mid-canyon

While the others decided to hang out, Jason and Bill tied off a 60-meter rope to Bill's axle then me, Jason and Aron made the 170-foot free air drop into the canyon. Then some narrows, a pothole problem, another rappel...great stuff! Our excited voices echoed through the canyon. This is great!
Another pothole

As we came to the end of the canyon's difficulties, there was only a trace of light left in the sky. Collectively, we pledged to make it to the rim before total darkness. We took off!

Sure enough, we made it, then began the hike back along the rim toward our waiting vehicle. Under a beautiful moonlight in a fantastic desert, Jason, Aron and I returned to the vehicle 3 hours after starting out. Good times.

*Photos courtesy of Jason Halladay