An Exploratory in Valley of Fire State Park

Hikers seen through Arch Rock

DB, Eiji Sugi and I decided to spend a couple hours exploring around Valley of Fire State Park, a fantastic, seldom-visited hidden surprise just barely outside of Las Vegas.
Eiji decorating Arch Rock

First hanging out around Arch Rock, enjoying the coolish (90F) temps and climbing around and whatnot, we soon decided to take a stab at a tough-looking, unnamed peak nearby.
Eiji in a sandstone cubby hole

With DB electing to stay behind while the boys explored, Eiji and I set out into a complex topography in hopes of finding a way to the top of our objective. Crossing many a wash, climbing a couple dryfalls and even stumbling through a couple narrow canyons, we soon found ourselves at the base of the mountain. Hmmm...
Eiji at the day's highpoint

Following a ramp system up, we reached a point perhaps 100 feet below the summit when we were confronted with a steep and exposed traverse to questionable terrain around a blind corner. Carrying a rope but no rock shoes or gear, we decided to back off. Leave it for another day.
View out toward Silica Dome from our highpoint