Capitol Peak, a Colorado 14ers Classic

When: August 2006
Partners: Walt Hutton
Route: NE Ridge (Class 4)
Mileage/Gain: 17/5,800

Heading up to the Capitol Peak trailhead, Donnie B and I met my boy Walt for the next day's climb. Turning in early, we overslept, waking an hour or two later than we'd hoped to. Donnie was out, opting to drift back into a dream, but Walt and I wanted to give the peak a shot anyway.

As it turns out, Capitol Peak was shockingly fast and easy. The infamous knife edge, which I dropped down to just below the summit of K2 (a sub-peak of Capitol Peak), was enjoyable, though mellow by Sierra Nevada knife edge standards.

I reached the summit in only a few hours, hooking up with a couple fun guys from Atlanta as I neared the top. They would join Donnie and I a couple days later for Torreys and Grays.

I began my descent from Capitol Peak about the time Walt arrived on the summit. Eventually dropping down to the good trail, I napped by a creek for awhile then continued the hike out. Finding a suitable stream shortly before the truck, I took a much-needed bath in the cold water.