Corkscrew Peak in a Snowstorm

While the attached pictures (which were so generously lent to me by HW Stockman) reflect a clear sky view of Death Valley National Park's Corkscrew Peak, I had the pleasure of once climbing the peak in a white-out during a New Year's Eve snowstorm.

Corkscrew Peak

Setting out alone, I headed cross-country to the base of the peak, which was still mostly visible. Once there, I began heading up...into the clouds.

Following the occasional bit of use trail, and applying common sense and my adventurous attitude when the trail disappeared, I found myself creeping through dark clouds and floating snow with views that extends perhaps 25 feet to what eventually formed into a small clump of rock that struck me as perhaps summit-like. And lo, there I found a cairn and register!
Looking Down from the Summit

So it was that I never got to enjoy the grand views it appears a clear day offers a visitor to the summit. I soon returned to my vehicle, some 3 hours after starting out that morning.

*Photos courtesy of H.W. Stockman