The Selkirks of B.C. - An Introduction (For Me)

Where: Glacier National Park, Selkirk Mountains, British Columbia
When: August 2001

The Rampart (in foreground)

The Selkirk Mountains, a geologically old(ish) range distinct from the famous Canadian Rockies, is a beautiful range of alpine peaks and thick forests located largely in British Columbia. Much of it contained within Glacier National Park, this spectacular mountainous area is home to Mount Sir Donald, one of North American's 'Fifty Classic Climbs'.
Mount Sir Donald (Northwest Arete on left skyline)

My first trip to the Selkirks was in 2001. Not enough time, and little idea of what to expect, yielded little or no play time in the big hills. Still, I enjoyed the grand beauty of the place, the towering mountains, flowing creeks and the inspiring, wilderness feel (despite the hundreds of cars a minute racing over Rogers Pass).

When I returned to the range in 2007, a variety of circumstances, not the least of which was an active grizzly bear warning, led to me solo tackling only a couple of minor objectives. Another trip is called for...