Nevada's 3rd Highest, Jeff Davis Peak

Where: Great Basin National Park, Nevada
Partners: Solo
Route: North Slope (Class 2-3) & Traverse to Wheeler Peak (Class 2)
Mileage/Gain: 9/3,600

Jeff Davis Peak from Wheeler Peak

Early one summer, I scrambled up the class 2-3 north slope of Jeff Davis Peak (12,771 feet). Doing so after a wonderful approach via the park's celebrated Bristlecone Pine grove (once the home of the world's oldest living organism) and the controversial Wheeler Glacier (Nevada's only glacier), the views into the Jeff Davis-Wheeler cirque as I climbed were incredible.
Wheeler Peak from below Jeff Davis Peak's summit

Eventually reaching the summit, I spent awhile enjoying the views and reading some Haiku before beginning the march over to Wheeler Peak via the connecting ridge. One can imagine the surprise of the trail hikers on Wheeler Peak's summit as I popped up to the top from the peak's steep and loose south face!


*Borrowed photos courtesy of H.W. Stockman