A Crag-Bag on Mount Antero (14,276 Feet)

Where: Sawatch Range, Colorado
When: July 2008
Partners: Andy McClure & DB
Route: South Ridge Cragfest (Variably Class 2-5)

Looking up at the fun to come

If you don't climb Mount Antero gracefully, climb it interestingly. So, when we found ourselves staring up at the south ridge leading to the summit of the high, mellow peak, Andy and I knew immediately and instinctively that we'd be bagging the row of nice aesthetic, granite crags that lay before us upon the crest of the serrated ridge of the otherwise sedate mountain. Let's go!
Crag-bagging, here we go!

The name of the game is, "You Gotta Put a Foot on Every Summit Along the Ridge"

Having a blast, touching every single summit along the fun class 2-4 (and sometimes a class 5 move or so) craggy ridge, we were soon shut down by "The Thumb." There was a particular spire that just didn't seem intelligent to tackle without a rope. Having no idea that we'd be confronted with such terrain, we'd not bothered to bring a rope. With a boost from me, Andy was able to stick a hand onto the summit of "The Thumb," while I walked away with my tail between my legs...and onto the next crag!
"The Thumb" - aka, The only one that got away

Continuing the crag-bag


Great fun on the spine traverse

But remembering that we were in the Sawatch Range, eventually the spine petered out and we found ourselves once again slogging up talus toward the flat summit and its elegant, far-ranging views.
DB enjoying the summit of Mount Antero

Briefly immersing ourselves in the pure joy of a relaxed high summit, we too soon found ourselves heading back down the way we'd come...
Grudgingly leaving the summit