Ice Mountain & North Apostle - Two Centennials

When: July 2008
Partners: Andy McClure
Route: NE Ridge (Class 4) & traverse to North Apostle (Class 2)
Mileage/Gain: 8/3,500

Ice Mountain

Hiking up nearby 14er Huron Peak a week earlier, I'd gazed over at the steep, snowy cluster of mountains to the south and asked Andy Mac what they were called. "The Three Apostles," he replied. Unusual for the otherwise gentle and rolling Sawatch Range, The Three Apostles are striking mountains hosting a variety of interesting snow and rock routes on their steep faces. And two of the three Apostles, Ice Mountain (13,951 feet) and North Apostle (13,860 feet), are high enough to be members of Colorado's elitist Centennial Club, those hundred highest peaks in a state known for tall mountains.
Andy heading up Ice Mountain

One morning, Andy Mac and I found ourselves hiking below Huron Peak and making the approach to The Three Apostles. Andy was interested in a traverse of the three peaks, while I, in usual form, wanted to get back to DB waiting in the vehicle at the trailhead. I would only be doing the two higher peaks, Ice Mountain and North Apostle.
Another climber heading for the Refrigerator Couloir

Making good time to the base of the massif, Andy I soon gained the Ice-North saddle. From there, I headed right for the northeast ridge of Ice while Andy scrambled up North Apostle.

The route up Ice Mountain was fun, never very hard, but certainly interesting and spicy enough to be careful on. Before I knew it, I stood on the small, exposed summit.
On the summit of Ice Mountain

North Apostle from Ice Mountain

Dropping back down the northeast ridge from Ice's summit, I came upon Andy near the crux of the route. We said our hello's and continued on our respective ways.
Andy avoiding the crux by face climbing to the right of it

Soon reaching the summit of North Apostle, I looked over at Ice Mountain...and there was Andy, on that peak's summit! Cool!
Looking over at Andy on Ice Mountain's summit from North Apostle

Before heading down from North Apostle on my way back to the trailhead, I snapped a shot of lonely, little West Apostle, the final Apostle that Andy would be visiting on his extended tour of the group. See you in a few hours, Andrew!
West Apostle from North Apostle