Mount Sniktau & "Cupid" (Peak 13,117)

Where: Front Range, Colorado
When: July 2008
Partners: DB
Route: SW Ridge & Traverse to "Cupid" (Class 2)
Mileage/Gain: 5/2,000

Heading up Mount Sniktau

Camping next to a small lake just below Loveland Pass, DB and I got up one morning for a hike up Mount Sniktau and "Cupid", Sniktau's locally-named neighbor to the south.
Wonderful views from upper Mount Sniktau

Soon hitting the top of Sniktau and enjoying the views with 15 others, we dropped back down and over Sniktau's false summit and returned to Point 12,915 (just above the Sniktau-Cupid saddle). From there, we crossed quickly over to Cupid, a finer and more relaxed summit.
En route to Cupid from the saddle

DB enjoying Cupid's summit with Torreys, Grays and Grizzly forming the backdrop

But alas, all this high mountain hiking had been too much for little DB. Mid-sentence in some rant about all the people over on popular Sniktau, I turned to her and saw that she'd dropped off to sleep...
On the nod on Cupid

Coming to silence, I let DB snooze. When she finally woke, I harassed her a bit, shot a final picture, and we headed back down to the truck.
The sweet, meadowy, rolling hill summit of Cupid