Englestead Hollow

Where: Zion National Park, Utah
When: September 2008
Partners: DB, Ram & Dean Kurtz

The head of Englestead

With Ram in town, DB and I got to meet Dean Kurtz and enjoy a fine day out in Englestead Hollow. With a dramatic first rappel of 280 feet, the rest of the canyon was a mellow but spectacular affair. Good times!
Ram on the first rappel

The belly of Englestead

Ram preparing to drop into the fluted rappel


Fluted fun

Organic matter in middle Englestead

Soon reaching the confluence of Orderville Canyon, we hung a left and headed down-canyon. Orderville? Amazingly beautiful, reminiscent of a Subway-Narrows hybrid, with swims, lots of wading, towering, colorful walls...and then a dump-off into the world famous Zion Narrows.
In dry middle Orderville

Awesome stuff! Highly recommended as a classic day in the wild.

Photos courtesy of Dean Kurtz