Mummy's Forehead and Chin

Where: Spring Mountains, Nevada
When: September 2008
Partners: DB
Route: East Face (class 4)
Mileage/Gain 5/2,800

About to step onto the forehead

Of the five summits (Nose, Forehead, Chin, Tummy & Toe) of the sprawling Mummy Mountain massif, Mummy's Forehead is perhaps my favorite. With a mostly pleasant hike up to the base of the east face, one scrambles through a short, exposed class 4 bit of terrain and then ambles up a wonderful bristlecone slope to a high treeless summit with awesome views of the high peaks of the Spring Mountains.

From the summit of Mummy's Forehead, one needs only drop down a bit and then easily traverse over to Mummy's Chin, another fine summit with terrific views.