When You Can't Climb The Sentinel, You Climb North Sentinel

Where: Zion National Park, Utah
When: September 2008
Partners: Rick Kent

Looking to The Sentinel from the summit of North Sentinel

After my second failed attempt at climbing The Sentinel, Rick Kent and I opted for an attempt of North Sentinel (my name for The Sentinel's detached and impressive north summit) as a consulation prize.
Rick on the summit of North Sentinel

Not without its own technical difficulties and objective dangers, North Sentinel proved to be a powerful summit with awesome views of it surroundings, including "Sentinel Chasm", a seemingly bottomless canyon dropping down toward Birch Creek from the Sentinel itself.
Sentinel Chasm

Looking west from the summit

East from the summit

Time to head back down, we rap'd through a few of the steeper sections of the route while simultaneously trying to fend off fallen rocks, cactus spines and sensations of general unpleasantness from this mostly heinous route on an unsafe mountain.
Finishing up the 60-foot chimney rappel

The east face of The Sentinel

Nearing the bottom of the route, we set a final couple rappels and then set foot on terra firma. Off to Oscars!
The final 90-foot rappel