No Mans Mountain and Others

Where: Zion National Park, Utah
When: October 2008
Partners: DB & Andy Archibald

Andy on the approach

In my ongoing quest to climb as many Zion National Park peaks as I can, I think I just found another one shoe-horning its way into my top 5 - 'No Mans Mountain'.
On the summit of North Johnson, the appetizer

Hidden in the backcountry, No Mans can't be seen from any paved roads. The journey to the peak is through largely trackless terrain, and once there, the technical fun is only beginning. With some easy and enjoyable slab scrambling up the lower mountain, a short, steep step is negotiated with some tricky footwork. Above that, the route gets sketchy until...

you step around a corner and a weakness presents itself. Up you go again. Soon, the summit ridge is gained. But there's more fun to be had. A third short, easy roped pitch puts you on scrambling terrain all the way to the highpoint.

Everything suggested No Mans had not been climbed before me. I built a cairn on the summit and then headed back down to my partners, who were waiting for me below.
No Mans Mountain, as we depart

I was so stoked afterward, that I had to bag another peak on the way back to the car! A three peak day in Zion, as the three of us also had bagged one before heading to No Mans Mountain - not bad, I think!
View from dessert, Middle Johnson