And Another Run Through Mystery

Where: Zion National Park, Utah
When: October 2008
Partners: DB & Andy Archibald

I hadn't been in Mystery Canyon for a couple/few years, and there was a peak nearby that I wanted to explore, so I enlisted the complany of DB and Andy for another fun day out in the wildlands of Zion.

Starting out from the East Mesa Trailhead to save time, we quickly found ourselves in the vicinity of the drop-in to Mystery, which is commonly known as the "Death Gully". DB elected to stay at the head with our canyoneering gear while Andy and I set out on our little exploratory.

Long story short, our main focus of the day was the canyon, so we didn't bring much in the way of "serious" materials for a "serious" attempt at a peak with unknown difficulties. That being said, we encountered an obstacle that, while minor, we weren't equipped for. So, come back another day with the right gear, or...

Aha! I think I found another way!

But with DB waiting for us at the head, we left the peak undone for the time being. I made a mental note of the weakness I spied, and we collected DB and dropped down the Death Gully.

Although the initial drop into Mystery is largely unpleasant, the canyon floor eventually levels, becomes marvelous, particularly with its striking fall colors, and then slots up and becomes classic.

With no significant difficulties, we had a wonderful time, even keeping little DB dry with a guided set-up on the big drop into Mystery Springs. Below that, some lush jungly sections with flowing, clear water and stunning walls towering for a thousand feet above us, we soon arrived at the final 120-foot drop into the Narrows.

Yet another classic day out! Life is grand!