Bullpen Mountain and No Chasm Lake

Where: Zion National Park, Utah
When: November 2008
Partners: DB & Andy Archibald

DB and Andy at the park boundary

After months of intrigue, I finally found the time to go after Bullpen Mountain, a remote, obscure peak buried in the deep backcountry of Zion. DB and Andy signed on as enthusiastic partners.
A hop, skip and a jump from Lee Pass

Making the short approach via Spilsbury Ranch (with permission, of course), we soon entered the park and looked over to the slot draining down from Chasm Lake, our secondary endeavor.
Therein lies Chasm Lake

But Chasm was to wait. We were headed to Bullpen Mountain!
Down into Beartrap Canyon from high on Bullpen

La Verkin Creek from the summit of Bullpen Mountain

After enjoying a snack on the summit, we dropped back down and headed for Chasm Lake. Soon reaching the slot below the lake, we made a couple quick attempts to find a way up to the lake, without success. The direct approach up the slot was steep and moist, and a vegetated ledge just above it proved sketchy.

Eventually giving up (for now), we passed through a neat little slot DB dubbed "Shorty Slot" on our way back to the trail.
DB and Andy in Shorty Slot

Heading back to Spilsbury