Where: North Wash, Utah
When: November 2, 2008
Partners: DB, Andy Archibald, Andy MacClure, Jason Halladay & Bill Geist

Bill emerging from a little jungle section on the approach

On our third and final day in North Wash, rain was in the forecast, I wasn't feeling great and we all had 6 hours to drive home. Something short was on the menu. With a silo problem, Hogwarts came up as the canyon of choice.
Double-A on the approach

Crossing the bridge at Hog Springs Picnic Area, we soon left the trail, bushwhacked through a short jungle section, then emerged onto some slickrock. Some fun scrambling up to the rim followed. Along the way, Jason spotted some petrified wood.
Petrified wood

From the rim, we could see across UT-95 and into Merry Piglet, another short slot adjacent to the highway.
Merry Piglet

Soon dropping into our objective, a couple nice rappels (and a climb-around or two) led us to a deeper slot.
In the Hogwarts drainage

How are we gonna get down there?

Here comes the fun!

Continuing down-canyon, we soon came to the canyon's showpiece - something unexpected and altogether magnificent - a giant arch!
The arch rappel - from the top

The arch rappel - from the bottom

Jason showboating on the arch rappel

After the grandeur of the arch rappel, we soon came to the silo. Small and easily worked either directly or around, it proved insignificant in its difficulties.
The silo

Below the silo, we wandered through a few more minor challenges, including a narrow slot that required us to take off our packs and shuttle them down.
DB shuttles packs

Bill on an awkward chockstone anchor rappel

All too soon, we arrived at the final, deadman free rappel down to the wash by the road. And another fine weekend with friends drew to a close...
Bill on the final rappel

...after our potluck in the parking lot!