East Leprechaun (Again)

Where: North Wash, Utah
When: October 31, 2008
Partners: Andy Archibald, Andy MacClure, Jason Halladay & Bill Geist

Bill making his way to the Leprechaun system

After plenty of shenanigans in Shenanigans and our monkey business in Monkey Business, the troupe headed down the Butler drainage until we could climb out right via a horribly loose and sketchy gully that dumped us off near the head of East Leprechaun. We were so close, of course we had to do it!
Jason in East Leprechaun

Of the five in our group, Double-A was the only one who'd not done the slot before. Though not a classic, East Lep is good enough that I think we were all happy to do it again...and D-A was sure to enjoy it.
Andy Mac in the slot

It only takes an hour to get from the very head of the canyon to the confluence with Main Leprechaun. From there, a casual 30-minute stroll takes one back to camp at Sandthrax.
Hiking out Leprechaun