Woody Canyon

Where: North Wash, Utah
When: November 1, 2008
Partners: DB, Andy Archibald, Andy MacClure, Jason Halladay & Bill Geist

Hiking down into Woodruff Canyon

For me, Woody Canyon was gonna be the focal point of our 3-day visit to North Wash. Also known as the 'Pothole Fork' of Woodruff Canyon, the newly discovered Woody Canyon was reported to be a highly enjoyable pothole fest.
The climb-out

After a 35 minute walk down Woodruff Canyon, we exited right up a slabby rib and worked our way onto the domey, highly convoluted terrain above.
Starting across the complex terrain that would take us to the drop-in to Woody

Almost to the scramble-in

Scrambling down easily into the Woody drainage after 90 minutes of hiking, we encountered several short pothole slots separated by open, sandy washes. Great times!
Negotiating the first of many fun pothole problems

Plenty of this stuff in Woody

The first of two wades and a swim in the canyon

Partner assist

And the canyon was done with only one rappel (that everyone did), and leaving nothing behind. That's natural!
Sweet rappel off an ibis hook in a hole

Near the end of the canyon, we worked through a few more enjoyable drops and then hit the road!
DB working thru another pothole

Heading back to something resembling civilization