North Fire Peak (And A Couple Of Its Neighbors)

Where: Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada
When: December 2008
Partners: DB & Harlan Stockman

A trio of rams about to take flight

With an initial plan one morning to hike up Fire Benchmark, Harlan somehow talked us into an exploratory loop hike up Fire's more obscure northern neighbors. Nick Nelson had explored the area extensively, I'm told, and he reportedly deemed it to be among his favorite spots around Lake Mead. Let's check it out!
Finally gaining the upper mountain, views of Lake Mead come into view

Can you spot Harlan and DB?

As we neared the top of North Fire Peak, the views into nearby Valley of Fire exploded into focus! Too bad the lighting wasn't better on this cloud-filled, gloomy day.
DB on the summit

Looping back down via another canyon (after a solo-bag of another neighboring peak), we stopped and explored something you don't often see in Mojave Desert canyons - a legitimate keeper pothole. This one was nestled in a slot, with a dryfall above it and a 7+ foot lower lip that was vertical-to-slightly-overhung. Good stuff!
A Lake Mead keeper pothole!

Downclimbing one of a couple dramatic dryfalls on the way out