Meadow Valley's Cathedral Peak

Where: Meadow Valley Range, Nevada
When: December 2008
Partners: DB

Cathedral Peak at center

After hearing about this obscure and majestic peak, DB and I decided to give it a go. With an easy initial approach across the desert, we passed by the wreckage of an F-4 fighter jet before dropping into a brush-choked, talus-strewn canyon that would take us most of the way up the mountain, the highest peak in the Meadow Valley Range.

Eventually approaching the summit cap, we moved around to the north arete, which we climbed via steep and sketchy class 3-4 terrain. The summit views were terrific!
DB on the summit

Perusing the summit register, we found that ours was only the 2nd sign-in in the last 7 years. Not a popular summit, it would seem.

For our descent, we found the "standard" notch/chimney weakness on the southwest side. Much safer than the north arete, we soon found ourselves below the summit block and ambling northward along the crest. Soon, we dropped down another canyon, passing a large arch mid-way down, and eventually looped our way back to the car.
Visiting some of the F-4 wreckage at the base of the mountain