Sentinel Peak, Lake Mead's Finest

Where: Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada
When: November 30, 2008
Partners: DB & Harlan Stockman

Gaining the upper mountain

Knowing it was still loitering on my ever-growing to-do list, Harlan invited DB and I to join him in revisiting the seldom-visited Sentinel Peak, out at Lake Mead NRA.
Some quality class 3 scrambling near the top

To date, I've climbed about thirty peaks within the cozy confines of Lake Mead National Recreation Area. I must say that, in addition to being a fine scrambling objective, Sentinel's summit views are THE BEST in all of Lake Mead. The peak is a central grandstand for far-reaching views into everywhere (and nowhere, at the same time).
Harlan below the summit