Tecopa's Wild Hotsprings

Where: Tecopa, California
When: January 2009

I've long been aware of the variety of developed hotsprings in the barren desert of Tecopa, California but only recently had I been turned on to a wonderful "hot" spot just outside of town and away from most of the funky geriatric tribes that frequent those "other places."

In the most unexpected of places, a barren lunar-like depression of salt deposits amidst a couple lumps on the outskits of town, is a lovely, private hot pool surrounded by reeds. If one wishes to leave the waist deep pool, he can simply swim or wade down the 150-yard long channel that spawns from the bubbly pool and turns cooler and cooler as it drains slowly away.

Pros: Close to Vegas, it's (mostly) unspoilt, enchanting and surreal

Cons: Overweight, handicapped old hippies (friendly as they be) & cast-away syringes