The Tecopa Mud Tunnels

Where: Tecopa, California
When: January 2009

Dropping into the entrance

By pure chance (and my ambitious drive to explore everything within reason), me, DB and our friends Dimples and Mishka decided to explore an interesting-looking canyon we spotted from a low hilltop near China Ranch Date Farm. Dropping down from our hill, we fought a bit of brush, found a clearing to ford a creek, and then gained a highly eroded old trail that skirted mud cliffs above a huge grove of thorny brush. This effort led us to the mouth of the canyon.

After a short walk into the canyon, we spotted what appeared to be a mine, no, it was a cave...a mud cave. But I climbed down into it and found that it was actually a mud tunnel! A worm hole!

As we climbed down into the hole, Dimples pulled out a flashlight he was carrying and off we went. The tunnel wound its way into the mud like a cave, and after 50 yards we popped out into the sun on the other side. Opening for 20 feet, another tunnel formed and on we went!
Dogs love this kinda stuff!

While the others opted to hang back, Dimples and I explored on for over 1/4 mile, passing through a series of subterranean tunnels in the mud.

Funky -- never saw anything quite like that before.