An 8-Peak Flurry Near Beatty

Where: Near Beatty, Nevada
When: February 22, 2009

Nearing the summit of Bullfrog Mountain

Beatty, Nevada has a rich mining history, much of it centered around the once-hip, now-ghost town of Rhyolite. And because of this mining history, a significant cluster of named peaks (more than 20) are situated nearby. I'd been casually working to tick them off. Only 9 remained...

#1 - Bullfrog Mountain
DB heads up Bullfrog as Sawtooth Mountain looms

Although nested just outside of Rhyolite, Bullfrog Mountain sits just inside the border of Death Valley National Park, in the obscure Nevada portion of the park. With a short, easy hike up a gentle ridge, DB and I were pleased to find a register recently placed by Lilley/MacLeod.
Squeezing under the NPS fence

#2 - Ladd Mountain
Near the summit of Ladd, as Bonanza Mountain and Sutherland Mountain loiter in the near-distance

Ladd Mountain, a heavily mined, ugly mountain sitting due south of Rhyolite, was next up. With a short, steep hike to the top, DB and I found the views to be rather nice, especially down to the ghost town and the weird art display next to it...

#3-4 - Rainbow Mountain & Black Peak

East of Rhyolite are Rainbow Mountain and Black Peak. Together, they make for a short romp with nice views of the area. Although we'd found Lilley/MacLeod registers on both Bullfrog and Ladd, none were to be found on Rainbow or Black.

Afterward, we stopped for a quick visit to Rhyolite...
Cook Bank (or what remains of it) in Rhyolite

#5 - Burton Mountain
With four peaks under her belt for the day, DB called it quits before Burton, so I headed up alone. On top after a short but very steep hike, I immediately raced back down and set off for...something else!

#6-8 - Little Cones, Red Cone & Black Cone
Looking toward the Bare Mountains from the summit of Black Cone

Although I was feeling spunky and the day was still early, I decided to head home after bagging a quick trio of minor, named peaks hidden from common view in the desert behind the Bare Mountains. Little Cones, a pair of small cinder cones, came first. Next, Red Mountain was a more pronounced cinder cone with nicer views of the area. And lastly, Black Cone, by far the most prominent of the three, was a loose, steep hike to a decent viewpoint.

Then it was time to make the longish drive back to Vegas to prepare for another mind-numbing day at work. My final Beatty objective would wait for another day...