A Traverse of Bitter Ridge

Where: Lake Mead National Recreation Area
When: February 2009
Partners: DB, my ma & HWS
Mileage/Gain: 9/3,100

Ma below the first peak

Harlan had suggested a traverse of Bitter Ridge, which is on the "other side" of Northshore Road from the Redstone Peaks. As it turned out, our fun group had a fabulous time on this rambling, scrambling traverse.
He's got this thing he does...

Although there were numerous bumps along the traverse, I counted five distinct peaks, including the highpoint, which is at the very southwestern tip of the 3-mile ridge.
HWS atop one of the peaks

Although we knew of at least one other party that had traversed the ridge before us, none of the peaks had cairns or registers.
Look for the little people

On the summit of the Bitter Ridge highpoint