Deep Creek Hot Springs

Where: Apple Valley, California
When: January 2009

'Round about 2005, a buddy turned me on to Deep Creek Hot Springs near Apple Valley. An easy-going, Hindu-type, I trusted his judgement that Deep Creek promised to be the sweetest hot springs around. And so I went off to check 'em out.

My first trip to Deep Creek was in the summer of 2006. With an easy trail hike down into the Deep Creek gorge, one needs to wade across the chilly creek before gaining the awesome granitic crags that sport a handful of hot-to-progressively-cooler pools that comprise Deep Creek's hot springs.

While the bohemia scenesters I've since heard frequent the site were not in attendance on this visit, the man in me did enjoy the plentiful naked women enjoying the soothing, mineral-rich waters of the spring. Quite an oasis, this place!

I was so enthralled by Deep Creek that DB and I returned in spring 2007 to soak for awhile amidst the crags and palms in the crystal clear water. She loved it too!

And so we returned with friends in January 2009 for a couples hours of soaking after a long weekend of desert dwelling, most notable from a sweet camp below Eye of the Needle in nearby Death Valley only two nights before.