Climbing Rosebud

Where: Zion National Park, UT
When: May 2009
Partners: Little DB

DB with some mallows below Rosebud

With the biting gnats out and active, DB and I led off blindly into what would later prove to be a week of itching agony and attempted a new peak I was calling 'Rosebud'.
The southwest face of North Guardian Angel in the distance

With an easy and mostly enjoyable approach to the saddle below the peak, significant cliffs soon presented themselves and my heart sank. But, not one to give up easily, I snooped around for a break.
Cactus flowers in bloom

Surprisingly, and to my utter joy, a hidden class 2-3 talus chute allowed a way through the cliffs and we soon found ourselves walking easily to the summit. The views there were enormous!
Lambs Knoll, Red Butte and Tabernacle Dome from the summit

DB rests in front of the Cougar