G2 Again & G3 For the First Time

Where: Zion National Park, UT
When: April 2009
Partners: Sarah Thompson & Dwight from CO

Exploring 'The Vortex' on the approach

I arrogantly suggested to Sarah and Dwight that we complete the 3rd ascent of G2, a fine, backcountry summit near Bridge Mountain on the east side of the park. But lo, that was not to be. For Dwight found an arrowhead just below the summit!
G2 (left) and G3

The slickrock ramp above Stevens Wash

That evening (or was it a couple days later?), I shared with Zach, who'd claimed the first ascent of the peak in February 2008, that Dwight had found an arrowhead. Deflated once again, he told me that he'd recently read somewhere of an early 20th century ascent of the peak! Man, first ascents are hard to come by, even in steep, scary, and loose Zion!
Bridge Mountain from G2

East from G2

Rappelling the crux

Descending from G3

All photos by Sarah T