Cube Point - East Ridge (5.4)

Where: Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
When: July 2009
Partners: DB

The Cathedral group from Cube Point

Glancing at the Teton guide, I decided, hey, why don't we hike up Cube Point? Seems it has an enjoyable class 4 scrambling route (not to mention a 3-pitch 5.4 east ridge route that's popular). I brought along a 120-foot rope and DB's harness, in case I didn't feel comfortable with her soloing the class 4 stuff.

Well, we couldn't help ourselves. That airy and exposed, narrow east ridge looked so fantastic that we got on it and enjoyed the crap out of ourselves. I didn't have a harness or any pro, but it was a reasonable solo and I was able to anchor off horns to bring DB up second. Classic!
Summit joy!