Paget Peak...and then, Tower of Babel

Where: Yoho and Banff National Parks
When: July 2009
Partners: Andy Mac

The Paget Peak fire lookout

It was a rainy day in the forecast, so Andy and I got up early to knock out the 3,000 feet of gain to the summit of Paget Peak. Returning in 2:45 as the rain came, we drove over to Banff and sat in the Moraine Lake parking lot to wait for a clearing in the weather. When we got what we were looking for, we dashed off for the scrambling route on Tower of Babel, a 1,500-foot class 2ish ascent to a nice tower overlooking the lake. 1:15 car-to-car - shewww! And we beat the rain!
Paget Peak summit views