Snow Crown

Where: Eastern Sierra Nevada (near Independence, CA)
When: September 2009
Partners: DB

Big Pothole Lake below University Peak (left), Nameless Pyramid (center) and Snow Crown (right)

I had no idea that someone in the early 1950s had dubbed the unnamed peak between Mount Gould and University Peak as "Snow Crown." With an enjoyable class 3 scramble to the summit via its north ridge, and then an easy class 2 descent down the southeast slope to Bench Lake, it was a highly enjoyable, mellow, and ultra-scenic day out.
DB in front of Mount Bago, Kearsarge and Bullfrog Lakes

Nameless Pyramid from the north ridge of Snow Crown

Taking a breather along the north ridge, Heart Lake, Flower Lake and Gilbert Lake beckon

DB, Upper Kearsarge Lake and some of the Kearsarge Pinnacles from the summit

A 1952 register still resides on the summit

The 1960 entry of Tom Ross

A black bear near Bench Lake

DB at Bench Lake

DB & Bench Lake